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Ivan and Francesco welcome you to the renewed shop dedicated to fly fishing enthusiasts.

The continuous search for new products has allowed us to offer you, to date, a catalog of over 7000 articles of the best brands on the market and to satisfy all the needs for the various fly fishing techniques.

Dry fly fishing
Which rod to choose? If you are looking for a rod for TLT techniques, Bargi Pragliola is certainly the rod for you. If you are looking for a more classic rod, take a look at the Scott G SERIES or the WInston ROD & Co. Boron III.
If the budget you want to devote to this technique is a little lower, you can still choose between the Vision Vipu, the Sage Foundation, the Soldarini RCX and the Loomis & Franklin. All rods with an excellent quality / price ratio.
Classic mouse tails like the Cortland 444 Classic and Silk, the brand new Scientific Anglers DTD or the Royal Wulff long belly.
Pair it with a nice reel of the Alfa reel or a very light Waterkorks Lamson and you're done.

Nymph fishing
Here you are spoiled for choice. The nymph rods that we offer are many and all with particular characteristics.
There are the brand new Maxia SX, the excellent Vision Nymph Maniac (which by the way are offered at a very attractive price), the beautiful Cortland MKII, and the popular Hydropsiche Elite by Sandro Soldarini.
Do not underestimate the Vision ONKI, Le Soldarini RCX and the Nymph series by Loomis & Franklin proposed with IM7 and IM12 modules.
All rods that thanks to their low price are suitable for beginners of nymph fishing.
Even the eye wants its part and the reels available are many and very colorful: Alfa reel, Sage Click, Vision XLV, Hatch, Waterworks Lamson FORCE SL, Speedster, liquid, Guru, Remix ..
You are spoiled for choice!
But what is the rat tail to use for nymph fishing? Cortland Competition, Airflo Euronymph, Scientific Angler Mastery Competition Nymph.
These are certainly the best performing and also used in competitions but if you are undecided we will be happy to answer your questions.
Ok, but what do I put after the queue? Signalers, two-color indicators, specific endings for nymph fishing with wire you will find them in the dedicated category.

Streamer fishing - Bass and Pike
For this particular type of fishing we relied on Vision, which in collaboration with Niklas Bauer, has developed specific series of rods and tails for Pike fishing.
Vision Big Daddy, Big Mama, Gran Daddy as well as being fantastic products are offered at the right price.
Robust and capacious reels like Alfa Reel 9+ or Vision XLV Big Mama complete and customize the whole kit!
And if you want to be sure not to lose them once ironed, don't forget to use the titanium or steel cable ends of Scientific Angler.

Fly fishing at sea
Everything makes the difference!
Reliability is the watchword, and reliable are the Sage X and Scott TIDAL. Pair them with a solid reel with an excellent clutch like Hatch, Alfa Infinity or Waterwork Lamson.
There are specific flyline for sea fishing that must be chosen according to the destination of your trip and the type of fish you are going to inspect.
Important role also for backing or gelspun, because in addition to filling the reel under the line, in this type of fishing you will probably see it come out from the tip of your rod several times! Choose a fine and robust gelspun from Asso or Hatch ... you will need it!
The fluorocarbon leader is a must.

Two-handed rod fishing - not just salmon.
If your dream is to fish for salmon and steelhead in British Columbia, we can help.
Thanks also to the friendship and technical support of great fishermen such as James Chalmers (Gaelforce Fly Fishing), Max Malli, Gianfranco Lenzi and in general, all the Salmon Fly of Legnano, we have selected some of the best products for fishing with two rod hands.
We are proud to say that only at the Vallata Fly shop can you find Gaelforce's Destination and Equalizer rods, fantastic tools, easy to use and with an infinite reserve of power.
They are available in 15 different models both in four pieces (Equalizer series) and in six pieces (Destination series). There are also some demo rods available at the shop that you can try.
For those who are beginners or have yet to start taking their first steps with the two-handed launch we recommend the purchase of slightly cheaper tools such as ECHO, Vision Tool, and Loomis & Franklin.
Among the reels we recommend there are the Alfa Infinity with excellent clutch but above all with a great containment capacity.
Yes, because in addition to needing a large amount of backing, you will have to deal with the Scandinavian and skagit heads that despite their reduced length take up a lot of space.
And speaking of queues, a world opens up. We have them for all tastes: Skagit, Scandi, Spey, Switch ... developed and produced by the best brands including Gaelforce, Airflo, Rio, Opst and Scientific Angler.

What about Tenkara?
For Tenkara rods our choice is Nissin, one of the best Japanese producers.

Flytying Materials
You know, those who fish only enjoy half!
What's more satisfying than catching fish with your flies?
For the construction of your flies we have everything.
Hooks from shoal, grub, jig, trout, salmon and predators from Tiemco, Fulling Mill, Ahrex, Soldarini and Opst. Slotted and flared tungsten balls, materials for bodies of nymphs, sedge, ephemeral, plecoptera, preformed wings, cock and hen necks Whiting, assembly wire from 3/0 to 18/0, tinsel, lead wire, natural dubbing and synthetic dubbing. Materials Textreme, Fishon, Flymen Fishing Company, Sybai. Natural materials such as hare, roe deer, deer, bucktail, cdc, partridge feathers, male pheasant feathers and female pheasant. (Veniard, SWISS CDC, Wapsi)
Uv glues of various densities and colors from Gulff, UV Apollo and Loon lamps.
A section dedicated to the specific materials for the construction of Tube Flies produced by FutureFly, Frodin Flies, Prosport Fisher.
Wide range of tools and accessories for construction such as Magrini, Renzetti, Regal Vise, Stonfo clamps.
All the necessary tools: knotters, hackle spins, hair trimmers, spoolers and scissors of the best brands: C&F Design, Loon, Marc Petijean, Stonfo, Kopter, Dr. Slick.

However, not everyone has the manual skills or patience needed to build them.
On the site there are only some of the models available but at our shop you can find more than 1000 flies among nymphs, ephemeral, emerging, streamers and tube flies many of which are produced by Fulling Mill and Frodin Flies.


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