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FINALE CONICO GTM 9ft (280cm) STROFT - 1 Visualizza ingrandito

Manufacturer: STROFT


Finale conico molto resistente alle abrasioni, abbastanza elastico in modo da assorbire tutti gli "strappi".

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Knotless, Unique degressively tapered fly-fishing leaders with best possible turn-over properties, practically imperceptible to fish with the greatest knot strength, highest breaking strain, and optimum shock absorption.

Made of Stroft GTM Nylon material for highest performance.

These leaders are spooled onto large diameter spools. They are Absolutely smooth! with absolutely no coiling or memory - quite incredible!
Available in 12 ft for delicate stealthy presentations and 9ft for larger heavier flies and windy conditions.

Available in four tippet sizes ranging from 0.12 mm up to 0.20 mm

Length:  7,5 ft. (240 cm)


7X0,10 mm1,2Kg0,40mm
6X0,12 mm1,6 Kg0,44mm
5X0,14 mm2,2Kg0,50mm
4X0,17 mm2,9 Kg0,52mm
3X0,20 mm3,6 Kg0,54mm
2X0,22 mm4,3 Kg0,56mm
1X0,25 mm5,3 Kg0,58mm
0X0,27 mm6,3 Kg0,60mm
01X0,32 mm7,5 Kg0,66mm
02X0,37 mm9,0 Kg0,70mm
03X0,42 mm11,0 Kg0,72mm

made in germany, no shit.


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