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Manufacturer: FISHON


The dream of every fly fisher fishing predators is always been finding an artificial decoy that could enclose a perfect imitation ability so to represent an irresistible stimulus to his preys.

Furthermore a streamer should maintain it attractiveness also in low visibility conditions such as muddy waters or during night fishing.

Flies’ visibility, and thus effectiveness, is one of the secrets for a successful fly-fishing activity. The perfect fly, besides being very visible, is also a source of vibrations that can stimulate the lateral line of predators. Many producers used “noisy” devices for their streamers, mostly iron balls in plastic boxes (rattlers) or small blades or metal propellers. These materials, well suitable for the spinning technique, are not suitable for fly fishing because of their weight and their air resistance in the casting phase. After a number of experiments with the most diverse materials, in 2004 Alcantara WIGGLE TAILS were developed. An innovative dressing which was tested in different waters around the world and on different fish, and made many fly fisher friends happy for the extraordinary results obtained throughout the most difficult situations. Today Alcantara WIGGLE TAILS are still appreciated by many fishermen and are permanent part of the dressing of those who tested their effectiveness and flexibility. This positive experience was the boost to a continuous and rigorous research and development of the product. Now we wanted to add the glowing factor to the vibration, a feature that’s normally given by spinning lures. The research & development of new materials has taken two years and what the market offered did not have the features we were looking for. The main features we needed were:

  • Lightness of the material for an easy launch action
  • Softness with a slight nervousness in the movement
  • Glowing effect, brilliantness and chromatic varieties

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