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Casts with much less effort than Radian and other ultra-fast fly rods.

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  • Casts with much less effort than Radian and other ultra-fast fly rods.
  • Offers superior loop control. We talk a lot about this because it’s a huge factor on the water.  Does your fly rod do just one thing well, or may it be manipulated in your hands as an angler?  Can you open the loop for casting nymphs and close it for drilling a long leader into the wind?  Can you back off the power and put some “English” into your presentation?
  • Roll casting and line mending. Centric beats Radian by a mile.  These fast action rods have magnificently responsive tips.  They roll cast with a natural stroke.  They toss line elegantly and precisely on the mend.  The overall fishing capability of Centric is simply greater than Radian.
  • Control at distance. Yes, the Radian was a gun, offering power for every caster.  The secret to dumping the whole fly line, however, has less to do with rod stiffness and more to do with loop control and blank recovery in the lower end.  When you’re holding up 50 feet, your shot will only carry the last 30-40 feet if aerodynamics are perfect and the application of power is intuitive.  Otherwise, your loop may tighten prematurely or a tailing loop may tangle your presentation.  Centric loops are so easy to control.  The caster easily makes the subtle adjustments required to consistently cast across the river.
  • Presenting long leaders. Ultra fast rods are great for blasting large flies into the wind, but lack the touch to drape a long leader over a spooky riser or tighten a dry fly loop at 40 feet, so often necessary on technical fisheries such as the Henry’s Fork, Green, San Juan and Malleo.
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