Tube Fly 



    he new Sea Trout Spey Series are simpler but even more effective.


    This is our largest fly series. They are called Classics because of the way they are tied. A wing dividing the front hackles and with the balancing 1/2 turbo cone as head. A bare tube in the back with flexible FITS tubing to hold any tube hook. This style gives the flies a medium broad profile with great turbulence for hackles and tip of the wing. Most of our flies originates from this family. The complex modern fly with all ingredients. To us these are most fun to both tie and fish – they are the classics of our time.


    The long slim fly was first born with Collie Dog and Sunray Shadow. They were early discovered to be extremely effective and have since been the favourite of many experienced salmon fisherman. We never liked to fish others idea’s, we like the drop formed fly and the Samurai turned out to be superb. The Samurai is tied in a special way. The small turbo in combination with the long straight wing gives a long-elongated drop form. This is the slimmest profile of all Frödin Designs. A sparse translucent fly designed to be fished fast. The longer we fish for salmon the faster we fish our flies. A fast, slim Samurai can fool the biggest and trickiest of salmon. Dare you fish them fast enough?


    The small fly needs to be simpler. It needs to be tied carefully to swim and fish effectively despite its tiny size. With a good taper and soft hair even the small fly will look extremely lively. The micro-tube outfishes the hooked fly any time. Lighter and livelier with the chance to change hook size and colour it’s just the best design. We love our micros. Summer fishing, floating line, a micro and there is not any a better way to catch those fish. They are fished with a loose hook of your choice with just a small fixing tube. We suggest the FITS small tubing.


    We all love that broad backed salmon chasing our little fly’s track on the surface. to hitch, on the surface can be deadly effective. sometimes it’s the only method that really works. We are fortunate to have among our friends some of the best hitch anglers in the world. their important advice is to tie the flies so they make as small wake as possible. We use a quite thin tubing and make sure to put the wing on top and a hole each side. this gives a narrow profile and a small wake. Hitch flies can be really small, so small you don’t think salmon see it, but they come for the wake, that’s what triggers them.


    to sight fish for multi sea winter salmon with a free-floating fly you are doing the best of the best there is. We love the tri turbo bombers, to skate, free float and zick-zack a bomber over a big fresh fish, even thinking of it gives goosebumps. Our bombers have a reversed cut rubber turbo, it helps the fly to skate even in fast turbulent water. the little fluorescent part of the body makes you see it better even free floating. they are extremely hard packed for high flotation and they will to the trick for you! all our bombers are presented in a small “gem” box with a light dry fly single hook.


    Our fly selections are based on thousands of fishing days and tens of thousands of takes. We have filled our saLar supreme boxes and created seven different selections. 8 great flies in every box, suitable for specific conditions. In every box you find a valuable note made of tear and waterproof paper, with tips from Mikael Frödin. When to fish the flies, where and maybe even how to make them produce the take. Our fly selections give you 8 truly proven flies for specific conditions!


    The right box for yours tube flies